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Character Creation (Starting Skills and Abilities)



  • Flames - Fire that damages 8 points per second.
  • Healing - Heals the caster 10 points per second.



  • Night Eye - Improved night vision for 60 seconds.


Active Effects:

  • Claws - Khajiit claws do 15 points of damage.


Skill Bonuses:

  • Sneak +10
  • Pickpocket +5
  • Lockpicking +5
  • Archery +5
  • One-Handed +5
  • Alchemy +5



Khajiit are one of the humanoid races which inhabit the continent of Tamriel, primarily their home province of Elsweyr. They are  one of the ten default playable races, and  are known for their natural agility and  stealth.

The Khajiiti race is made up of several subtypes with very distinct appearances.     All Khajiit are feline in appearance, placing them among the group known as "beast races" by the human and mer inhabitants of Tamriel. The exact appearance of a particular Khajiit is determined primarily by the phases of the moon at the time he or  she was born. According to recent studies   in Elsweyr, it appears that the phases of the moon Massar determine the primary form, ranging from humanoid to resembling a domesticated cat; the phases of the moon Secunda determine the relative size. Some scholars have claimed as many as twenty different subtypes, but only about a dozen have been identified and named to date.
Outside of Elsweyr, only one or two subtypes of Khajiit are typically seen in a given area. The Ohmes-raht make up most of the Khajiit in the human regions, such as Cyrodiil and High Rock. They strongly resemble humans, with light fur and a noticeable tail. A smaller subtype, the Ohmes, appear almost identical to Bosmer, and those living outside of Elsweyr often tattoo their faces to distinguish themselves from the mer. The Suthay-raht, and their smaller cousins the Suthay, are more feline like, but still clearly humanoid and bipedal. They have more variety in their fur and facial features, and make up most of the Khajiit found in Morrowind.

Visitors, or more likely intruders, to Elsweyr often encounter the Cathay and Cathay-raht, which are often described as "jaguar men". These are still bipedal, but very feline in appearance, and much stronger and faster than humans or mer. The popular series A Dance in the Fire depicts multiple encounters with these Khajiit, which appear to make up much of the Khajiiti army and defense forces. They are described as having "pointed ears, wide yellow eyes, mottled pied fur and a tail like a whip", and have at least basic powers of speech. There is a fourth bipedal form, the Tojay and Tojay-raht, but little is know of them, as they tend to live deep in the southern marshes and forests.

Of the quadrupedal forms of Khajiit, the most well known is the Senche, which resemble tigers approximately as tall as a man, and Senche-raht, which are nearly twice as large. Although they are not known to speak, they are said to be as intelligent as any other Khajiit, and are used frequently as battle mounts by the Cathay. The Alfiq and Alfiq-raht are the closest in resemblance to domesticated cats, but still intelligent enough to understand human speech. The other known forms of Khajiit, the Pahmar/Pahmar-raht and Dagi/Dagi-raht, have rarely been seen, and little is known about them save that they are quadrapedal, and likely somewhere between a house cat and tiger in appearance.

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