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Dwarven Automatons are found in dwarven ruins, deep underground cities which have been lost to the ages and have been overrun with the Falmer. The automatons were created by the ancient Dwemer to protect their cities, and they still roam the halls looking for unwary adventurers like yourself.

There are 3 types of automatons, each with 3 sub-categories that each have slight differences.

Spiders - small mechanical arachnid-shaped beings that were mainly created for labor, though some of the Guardian level spiders are outfitted with effective defense mechanisms.

  • Dwarven Spider Worker - Low health and damage, immune to poison, frost, and have a low magic resistance--use a low-damage shock attack.
  • Dwarven Spider - Just like the worker, only they explode on death.
  • Dwarven Spider Guardian - Just like the Spider, only with slightly more health.

Spheres - Fast, deadly, medium health guardians which burst out of chutes in the wall, which are relatively easy to recognize. Can switch to their ball form to get around more quickly. 

  • Dwarven Sphere - Same immunity to frost and poison and magic resistance as the spider.
  • Dwarven Sphere Guardian - Approx. 40% more health than the regular sphere.
  • Dwarven Sphere Master - Twice the health of the original sphere.

Centurions - These metal monsters are not something you want to trifle with unless you have a plan of attack or a very high level. Sneak attacks are recommended if possible. In fact, if you have a high enough sneak skill and the Assassin's Blade perk, you can take down of these brutes in one swipe of your daggers. All centurions have the same immunities as the other automatons. 

  • Dwarven Centurion - High health, high damage, somewhat fast. Using the "around the table" strategy and hitting it with a bow is a good strategy.
  • Dwarven Centurion Guardian - Much more health higher damage, etc.
  • Dwarven Centurion Master - More health than the lower level dragons, does even more damage than the guardians.

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