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List of wild animals found throughout Skyrim that will attack you on sight

Bear - Bears will not attack you on sight, but if you get within a certain range (which is quite far) they will  charge you. There are 3 variants of bears.

  • Bear - Charges aggressively , very difficult enemy at early levels
  • Cave Bear - Almost double the health of regular bears, similar attack patterns
  • Snow Bear - Has even more health than the cave bear, similar attack patterns of the other two

Horker - As with the beat, will not attack immediately, you are able to get much closer without being               attacked than with bears.

Ice Wraith - Not exactly an animal, but Skyrim classifies them as one. Difficult to hit with arrows, melee weapons are recommended. Shield bashing will stagger them so they are easier to hit.

Mudcrab - Extremely easy enemies to kill. No strategy required, even for lower levels.

Skeever - Attacks aggressively, but their attacks are so weak that one or two sword swipes will dispatch them.

Slaughterfish - Rare to fight, sometimes found in rivers, easy to defeat.

Sabre Cat - Aggressive attacker, relatively low health, 2 variants.

  • Sabre Cat - Aggressive, attacks on sight.
  • Snowy Sabre Cat - Twice the health of the normal, found in snowy regions.

Wolf - Travels in packs which attack any prey as a group

  • Wolf - Found in any regions, easy to kill, packs can prove mildly troublesome at early levels.
  • Ice Wolf - Found in snowy climates, Approximately 8 times the health of regular wolves, making them a tough enemy at early levels, especially if they are with a pack.

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