09 - The Rift - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki

Hold Capital - Riften, Mistveil Keep

Towns/Settlements Ivarstead
Sarethi Farm
Rift Stormcloak Camp
Rift Imperial Camp
Froki's Shack
Shor's Stone
Heartwood Mill
Merryfair Farm
Riften Stables
Snow-Shod Farm
Nightingale Hall (Only available after Thieves quest Trinity Restored)
Stendarr's Beacon
Dragon Lairs Autumnwatch Tower
Northwind Summit
Lost Tongue Overlook
Forts Fort Greenwall
Caves Pinepeak Cavern
Honeystrand Cave
Clearspring Tarn
Boulderfall Cave
Northwind Mine
Tolvald's Cave
Fallowstone Cave & Giant's Grove
Crystaldrift Cave
Ruins Shroud Hearth Barrow
Geirmund's Hall
Arcwind Point
Avanchnzel (Dwemer)
Darklight Tower
Ruins of Rkund
Forelhost *Dragon Priest Lair*
Bandit HIdeouts Nilheim
Rift Watchtower
Ruins of Bthalft
Treva's Watch
Faldar's Tooth
Broken Helm Hollow
Other Shor's Watchtower (Guards have been massacred)
Alchemist's Shack (Abandoned Shack)
Goldenglow Estate (Large island guarded by mercenaries)
Autumnshade Clearing (Spriggan Grove)
Lost Prospecet Mine (Abandoned Mine)
Black Briar-Lodge (Estate guarded by mercenaries)
The Shadow Stone *Standing Stone*


The Rift Map

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