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Hold Capital - Falkreath

Towns/Settlements Falkreath Imperial Camp
Half-Moon Mill
Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary (Available after completing DB quest With Friends Like These...)
Angi's Camp
Falkreath Stormcloak Camp
Dragon Lairs Ancient's Ascent
Forts Ilinalta's Deep (Warlock lair)
Bloodlet Throne (Vampire lair)
Fort Neugrad
Caves Sunderstone Gorge
Glenmoril Coven
Moss Mother Cavern
Bloated Man's Grotto
North & South Brittleshin Pass
North & South Shriekwind Bastion
Haemar's Shame
Bonechill Passage
Greywater Grotto
Southfringe Sanctum
Ruins Twilight Sepulcher (Only available after Thieves quest Darkness Returns)
Bleak Falls Barrow
Halldir's Cairn
Roadside Ruins
Peak's Shade Tower
North & South Skybound Watch
Bandit Hideouts Bilegulch Mine
Knifepoint Ridge
Bannermist Tower
Cracked Tusk Keep
Embershard Mine
Helgen (Originally town)
Giant Camps Secunda's Kiss
Other Hunter's Rest (Hunter camp)
Evergreen Grove (Spriggan grove)
The Lady Stone *Standing Stone*
Anise's Cabin
The Guardian Stones *Standing Stone* (3)
Orphan Rock (Hagraven nest)


Falkreath Hold Map

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