07 - Eastmarch - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki

Hold Capital - Windhelm, Palace of the Kings

Towns/Settlements Kynesgrove
Windhelm Stables
Brandy-Mug Farm
Hlaalu Farm
Hollyfrost Farm
Mixwater Mill
Gloombound Mine
Darkwater Crossing
Eastmarch Imperial Camp
Dragon Lairs Bonestrewn Crest
Forts Morvunskar (Warlock Lair)
Fort Amol
Caves Cronvangr Cave
Cragwallow Slope
Darkwater Pass
Snapleg Cave
Eldergleam Sanctuary
Ruins Refugees' Rest
Abandoned Prison
Mzulft (Dwemer)
Kagrenzel (Dwemer)
Bandit Hideouts Uttering Hills Cave
Gallows Rock (Silver Hand lair)
Traitor's Post
Lost Knife Hideout
Stony Creek Cave
Cragslane Cavern
Giant Camps Cradlecrush Rock
Broken Limb Camp
Steamcrag Camp
Other Mara's Eye Pond (Vampire Lair)
Sacellum of Boethiah (Daedric shrine)
Riverside Shack 
Witchmist Grove (Hagraven nest)
The Atronach Stone *Standing Stone*


Eastmarch Map

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