05 - The Reach - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki

Hold Capital - Markath, Understone Keep

Towns/Settlements Mor Khazgur
Reach Stormclock Camp
Reach Imperial Camp
Markath Stables
Salvius Farm
Left Hand Mine
Kolskeggy Mine (Originall controlled by Forsworn)
Sky Haven Temple (Only available after Main quest Alduin's Wall)
Soljund's Sinkhole (Originally invaded by Draugr)
Old Hroldan
Dushnikh Yal
Dragon Lairs Dragontooth Crater
Forts Fort Sungard
Caves Liar's Retreat
Blind Cliff Cave
Rebel's Cairn
Purewater Run
Reachwater Rock
Reachcliff Cave
Ruins Nchuand-Zel (Dwemer ruin underneath Understone Keep)
Deep Folk Crossing (Dwemer)
Bthardamz (Dwemer)
Ragnvald *Dragon Priest Lair*
Bleakwind Bluff
Dead Crone Rock
Reachwind Eyrie (Dwemer)
Valthume *Dragon Priest Lair*
Cradle Stone Tower
Forsworn Redoubts Deepwood Redoubt
Hag's End
Bruca's Leap Redoubt
Druadach Redoubt
Dragon Bridge Overlook
Broken Tower Redoubt
Red Eagle Redoubt
Sundered Towers
Karthspire Camp
Hag Rock Redoubt
Lost Valley Redoubt
Bard's Leap Summit
Other Cliffside Retreat (Hunter camp)
Shrine to Peryite (Daedric shrine)
The Lover Stone *Standing Stone*
Four Skull Lookout (Bandit camp)


The Reach Map

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