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Hold Capital - Winterhold

Towns/Settlements Winterhold Imperial Camp
Septimus Signus's Outpost
Whistling Mine
Winterhold Stormcloak Camp
Dragon Lairs Mount Anthor
Forts Fort Fellhammer
Fort Kastav
Caves Hob's Fall Cave
Frostflow Lighthouse (Frostflow Abyss)
Sightless Pit
Bleakcoast Cave
Stillborn Cave
Ruins Yngvild
Ysgramor's Tomb (Only available during Companions quest Glory of the Dead)
Saarthal (Only available during CoW quest Under Saarthal)
Alftand (Dwemer)
Ironbind Barrow 
Skytemple Ruins
Journeyman's Nook
Snow Veil Sanctum (Only available during Thieves quest Speaking with Silence)
Yngol Barrow
Bandit Hideouts Driftshade Refuge (Silver Hand lair)
Snowpoint Beacon
Other Hela's Folly (Shipwreck)
The Tower Stone *Standing Stone*
Pilgrim's Trench (Shipwreck)
Wayward Pass (Mountain Pass)
Shrine of Azura (Daedric Shrine)
Wreck of the Pride of Tel Vos (Shipwreck)
The Serpent Stone *Standing Stone*
Wreck of the Winter War (Shipwreck)


Winterhold Map

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