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Hold Capital - Dawnstar

Towns/Settlements Pale Imperial Camp
Dawnstar Sanctuary (Only available after DB quest The Cure for Madness)
Hall of the Vigilant
Loreius Farm
Nightgate Inn
Pale Stormcloak Camp
Anga's Mill
Dragon Lairs Shearpoint
Forts Fort Dunstad
Caves Duskglow Crevice
Shrouded Grove
Forsaken Cave
Bronze Water Cave
Ruins High Gate Ruins *Dragon Priest Lair*
Windward Ruins
Frostmere Crypt
Tower of Mzark (Dwemer)
Weynon Stones
Silverdrift Lair
Blackreach Elevator from Alftand (Dwemer)
Yorgrim Overlook
Irkngthand (Dwemer)
Raldbthar (Dwemer)
Blackreach Elevator from Raldbthar (Dwemer)
Giant Camps Red Road Pass
Stonehill Bluff
Blizzard Rest
Tumble Arch Pass
Other Wreck of the Brinehammr (Shipwreck)
Nightcaller Temple (Only available during Daedric quest Waking Nightmare)
Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon (Daedric shrine)
The Lord Stone *Standing Stone*


The Pale Map

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