03 - Loud and Clear - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim wiki


  • Follow Brynjolf
  • Listen to Mercer Frey
  • Talk to Brynjolf
  • (optional) Speak to Vex about Goldenglow Estate
  • (misc.) Retrieve your Thieves Guild Armor from Tonilia [recommended]
  • Burn three beehives
  • (optional) Enter Goldenglow using the sewer
  • (optional) Obtain the key to Aringoth's safe
  • Clear out Aringoth's safe
  • Return to Brynjolf


  • Thieves' Guild Armor
  • Thieves' Guild Boots
  • Thieves' Guild Gloves
  • Thieves' Guild Hood
  • Leveled amount of gold
  • Membership in Thieves' Guild
  • Access to Additional Jobs in the guild
  • Access to hidden entrance to Thieves' Guild near Hall of the Dead
  • Ability to bribe Riften guards

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