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There are 29 Relics to be found throughout The Darkness 2.  You'll get the Mmmm Essence! Achievement after finding just 5 and the Relic Hunter Achievement after you find all 29.

All 29 Relics

Chapter 2: Payback

Relic 1 - Roanoke's Bane

Location:  On the ground right after you rip off the exit door.

Relic 2 - Yhwh's Lament

Location:  In the subway as soon as you walk down the stairs, go around the back of the stairs.

Chapter 3: The Family

Relic 3 - True Revelation

Location:  Upstairs in Jackie's mansion in the bedroom to the left on a table.

Chapter 4: Q&A

Relic 4 - Sister of Light

Location:  In the arcade in the pool hall.

Relic 5 - The Dark Man

Location:  To the left of the upgrade station after the junkyard shootout.

Relic 6 - The Trinity

Location:  In the trailer after the crane fight.

Relic 7 - The Graven Image

Location:  In the garage in a back room

Relic 8 - Chime of Deliverance

Location:  In the office

Chapter 6: Strong Silent Type

Relic 9 - The Brothers of Men

Location:  Behind the white van

Relic 10 - The Key of Mictlan

Location:  Right after you become the darkling.

Chapter 7: Deal with the Devil

Relic 11 - Thumb Screws

Location:  After the torture scene in the corner

Relic 12 - The Fool's Phylactery

Location:  To the right of the stairs of the rooftop on a fire escape.  You must grab this one with the Darkness power.

Chapter 8: Home Invasion

Relic 13 - Winged Demon

Location:  Before the elevator in a closed door to a control room.

Relic 14 - The Blinding Sun

Location:  Next to the fireplace

Chapter 11: Saying Goodbye

Relic 15 - Cain

Location:  Near Aunt Sarah's Casket

Relic 16 - Engraved Skull

Location:  Behind a small building

Chapter 13: Fun and Games

Relic 17 - The Lantern of St. Anthony

Location: Near the carnival under an awning past a propane tank.

Relic 18 - Af and Hemah

Location:  After opening the clown door.

Relic 19 - The Abysmal Maw

Location:  To the right in a room after the second carnival game.

Relic 20 - Crescent of the Sun

Location:  In a room near the entrance.

Relic 21 - Siddhartha's Tears

Location:  Behind the explosive truck.

Relic 22 - The Mark of Cain

Location:  In the haunted house

Chapter 15: Rat in a Maze

Relic 23 - Pope John XII

Location:  When you're playing as the Darkling, in the tunnel.

Relic 24 - Reliquary of the Blessed Blood

Location:  In the office

Chapter 16: Homecoming

Relic 25 - The Silent Night

Location: Behind the wall in the rafters.

Relic 26 - The Deceiver's Grasp

Location:  Up the stairs to the left through a broken wall.

Chapter 17: Last Stand

Relic 27 - The First

Location:  In a corner during the boss fight.

Chapter 19: Heart of Darkness

Relic 28 - Ashes of the Unnamed

Location:  To the right of Jenny

Relic 29 - Prism of the Brothers

Location:  On the right side of the path.

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