The Binding of Isaac

This game is a 2D RPG made by Edmund McMillen known for Super Meat Boy a 2D Action Puzzle game that made people rage and in the same fashion this game can be classified as a rouge like game meaning that levels are randomly generated, loot is as well randomly generated and death it death. You play Issac the child of a Christian woman whom is ordered by god to Take away all of Issac's pleasures, Isolate him in his room and finally attempt to sacrifice him as an offering to god because god believes Issac to be corrupt. Issac escapes his mother's murder attempt by jumping down into the basement which seems to crossover with 2D hell through a trapdoor under the rug in his room. You enter this basement/hell in an obviously depressed state having to fight his way down through the levels of the basement whilst fighting Hell spawn using tears as a weapon. Along the way you will pick up a number of Items that all give you unique bonuses that may or may not help you. This game has lots of throw backs to other games, multiple endings, and most of all great replay ability.

Action Adventure
Original US Release Date: 
September 28, 2011

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