Super Hero Difficulty Walkthrough - The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Mission 1 With Great Power
Mission 2 On The Trail of a Killer
Mission 3 Live by the Sword
Mission 4 Raid on Oscorp
Mission 4 Shocker Boss Fight
Mission 5 Day of the Hunter
Mission 6 Into the Lion's Den
Mission 7 No One is Safe
Mission 8 The Hunters and the Hunted
Mission 9 Claws of the Cat
Mission 9 Black Cat Boss Fight
Mission 10 My Ally, My Enemy
Mission 10 Kraven Boss Fight
Mission 11 The Kingpin of Crime
Mission 11 Kingpin Boss Fight
Mission 12 Power Surge (Electro Boss Fight)
Mission 13 The Green Goblin
Mission 13 The Green Goblin Boss Fight
Mission 14 Maximum Carnage
Mission 14 Carnage Boss Fight 

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