Normal Playthrough - Syndicate

Full Syndicate single player playthrough with all the cutscenes. 

Part 1 - Opening Cutscene and Wakeup Call

Part 2 - Suicide Training

Part 3 - Assault of Aspari

Part 4 - Backfire Training

Part 5 - Aspari Extraction

Part 6 - A Train to Catch

Part 7 - Escape from LA

Part 8 - Eurocorp

Part 9 - Persuade Training

Part 10 - Voyeur Central

Part 11 - Cayman Global

Part 12 - The Floating City

Part 13 - Behind the Scenes

Part 14 - Ramon

Part 15 - Downzone

Part 16 - Betrayed

Part 17 - The Wall

Part 18 - Kris

Part 19 - Human Resources

Part 20 - Corporate War

Part 21 - Spire Access

Part 22 - Burning Tower

Part 23 - Jack Denham

PigheadedBobobo's picture

will you guys be making a voiced over guide?

Adam Page's picture

Thoughts? I know Gerstmann was really happy with the game, but he has a huge thing for dubstep

UberExplodey's picture

To be fair, he's also big on shooters and held Deus Ex in high regard last year. I can see how he would give it 5 stars if it hit all those favorite things of his...but then he's only one reviewer.

I had a good time with the demo, but I think I'll hold off for a little while on this one till it goes down in price. Or whenever I'm done with Mass Effect and SSX.

Josh Kowbel's picture

My GameFly copy should be here any day now. I'm looking forward to this futuristic shooter, even though I have no recollection of the original Syndicate.

I'm glad the developers opted out of competitive multiplayer. I have concerns the frantic nature of online combat would feel all too similar to Crysis 2, which I can't say I enjoyed. 

Adam Page's picture

Damn SSX, forgot about that. EA demands too much of my money for Syndicate, ME and SSX being released in such a short time frame

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