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Bandage Locations

World 1: The Forest

Light World

  • 1-4: Nutshell - Down the right drop from Bandage Girl's platform. Basically impossible to miss, it's right there.
  • 1-7: Diverge - Next to the buzzsaw up the first wall. A small jump off the top ridge will get it.
  • 1-9: Safety Third - On the second set of crumbling rocks, break off the last one on the right covering it, then wall-jump to grab it, leaving enough space to keep getting up the level.
  • 1-11: Fired - Bit tricky. While bouncing off the crumbling walls, jump around the 3rd one to get the bandage. You should have enough space on each wall to get back up.
  • 1-13: Tommy's Cabin - Just wait for the saw to get out of the way, grab it and bounce out of there.
  • 1-18: Altamont - This one is on the side of the platform on the bottom right. You can get it by getting down there, then timing it so that you can wall jump off the right ledge and back up onto the main platform after getting the bandage without getting hit by the saws. After that, just wall jump up the right to reach Bandage Girl.
  • 1-20: The Test - Wall jump up the left-most wall, and keep going to reach the bandage up the top without getting hit by the saw-launcher. Then, proceed as normal.

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