Let's Play - Super Mario Galaxy

Welcome to my Let's Play of Super Mario Galaxy!

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Regarding this Let's Play: I do NOT take many things seriously in this video series, meaning I die a lot, screw around, and just have fun! If you want an in-depth guide, you'll have to look somewhere else. I include the story book (since I was asked a LOT to include it) and the names are in Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, etc. because I was lazy and didn't add in the star names at the time.

This was uploaded before 720p was an option (for some parts when 720p was brand new) and since it's on the Wii any higher than 480p would have been impossible in the first place. I sometimes play with my brother, GenaralSkar.

To start, Part 1 of my Let's Play!

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