Starcraft One and Broodwar Expansion

Ever since the the old site i noticed that the Starcraft one campaign was never complete. Now I am fed up with that and I'm going to finish it myself. Stand aside ObviouslyBuddha and make way for Navi_x, competitive starcraft player!!!


StarCraft is a Real-time Strategy game. The player is required to build a virtual base and army with which he can attack and overcome his opponent. Although mission goals may differ in the campaign, in competative play the objective is to destroy all enemy buildings. However, in most games a player can concede by typing "gg" and leaving the game when his losses can't be overcome.
A player can pick one of three unique races to play with: The Protoss, Zerg and Terran. All three races have their own qualities and weaknesses as well as units, abilities and gameplay mechanics.
Player activities can be divided in two categories: macro and micro. Macro includes the gathering of resources and making buildings and units. Micro involves the control of the army or individual units.(From Liquipedia:


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