Explicitbaron's 100% Gems and Eggs Guide - Spyro the Dragon

100% Gems, Eggs and Statues Guide



Artisans World

Artisans Home

Stone Hill

Dark Hollow

Town Square

Sunny Flight 


Peace Keepers World

Peace Keepers Home

Dry Canyon

Cliff Town

Ice Cavern

Night Flight

Doctor Shemp

Magic Crafters World

Magic Crafters Home

Alpine Ridge

High Caves

Wizard Peak

Crystal Flight


Beast Makers World

Beast Makers Home

Terrace Village

Misty Bog

Wild Flight

Tree Tops


Dream Weavers World

Dream Weavers Home

Haunted Towers

Dark Passage

Lofty Castle

Icy Flight


Gnasty's World

Gnorc Gnexus

Gnorc Cove

Twilight Harbor

Gnasty Gnorc

Gnasty's Loot

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