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I've been watching the Dead Space 2 videos for Explicit D's guide and R3b3l iNk's guide and it struck me as slightly annoying in having to make so making clicks to get the actual guide that I want. So I thought of two idea's I'd like to propose to circumvent this.

1. Provide the ability for a user to bookmark a guide to their profile. That way when they come back to the site they can go to their bookmarks and directly select a guide and jump to it. The bookmarks could be located in the user block on the left side in the navigation portion of the page (where my Account and Messages and Log out are). And along with that would be the ability to manage your bookmarks by removing them.

2. Alternative to idea 1 would be to just allow a user the ability to expand the game's navigation lists. So on a game page, take Dead Space 2 for instance, the nagivation box has "Achievements", "Guides", and "Wiki" as top level heirarchy links. So instead of having to click the link for "Guides", then "Zealot Difficulty Guide", then "Chapter X", then "Video Y" to get to a video, if the link has an "->" arrow next it, let the user click the arrow to expand the list and drive down to the video, then click the link for "Video Y" to jump right to it. Saves some clicks and page loads and makes things a little easier.

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The first idea is definitely a possibility that I hadn't considered. I like it. The second idea is something I've been planning on for a while, but I haven't found a way to implement it yet. The drop down menu is in the works, but it will be a while before I can implement it.