Access to the codes in editor?

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The subject may be a bit hard to understand, so I'll explain.

In the editor, all codes are hidden. Instead of:

This text is fat.

<.b>This text is fat<./b> (. to not use code, but show)


Is there any way to get access to the codes? That way I could have more control over the text, and use </ br> to avoid so huge line-gaps.

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Yes, but I'm going to be trying out a few other WYSIWYG text editing solutions in the near future, so I'm not going to make it super public yet.

Anybody else that wants html editing capabilities, just post here and I'll give it to you.

You can now click the "Switch to plain text editor" link beneath the text editor to get full HTML control.

Pro tip: Shift+Enter in the next editor will give you a <br />, Enter gives you a <p>