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Get it off your chest! Politics, petrol prices, your neighbour's cat, whatever! Have a good internet rant.

But try not to get into arguments. If there is, then I'll just have to make an argument forum for that.

Example: I hate Melbourne weather. It is the shittiest, most unpredictable weather in the world, with days where you will wear light, absorbent clothing because it's nice and warm, and then an hour later it will be pissing down with rain and you will be freezing your arse off. This happens in all seasons, and makes the easiest-going individual keep a heavy jacket handy.

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Global warming garbage. It's the end of May and it's hardly even summer OR spring, and I live in a friggin desert. WHERE'S YOUR GLOBAL WARMING NOW?!

And all this "rapture" stuff, and how people are surprised when it doesn't happen then get mad at the idiot who got the people worked up in the first place...