Netflix expanding to Europe

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Netflix is expanding to Spain and the U.K. according to reports. It's about time and I hope more people can enjoy the great service over in Europe. I wonder if they will be able to watch European only shows or just what Netflix already has over in North America. I'd bve interested in watching some popular shows in Europe with English subtitles.

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Well, I'm Portuguese, so I have no idea what Netflix is.

Mind explaining briefly? Why is it so good and why are some of my XBL Friends always in Netflix?

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From what I've heard (as an Australian who can't get it but hears a lot about it) it's a service where you can rent or stream movies and TV shows for really cheap. Which seems like a good idea in my books.

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In the US it's currently $8 a month for unlimited streaming and 1 DVD out at a time (which means 1 movie shipped to your house).

There's no late fees, you can keep it as long as you like (but you have to send it back to get a new movie) and the price stays the same until forever....for the most part, which I'll write about in a second. The streaming isn't vast, but there are some TV shows and movies that you can watch whenever you want on your computer like a YouTube video (duh).

For the US, Netflix is raising the price to $16 a month, $8 for 1 DVD out at a time and $8 for the unlimited streaming. Most people wouldn't have a problem with this if Netflix had more to stream, since they seem to be lacking even though they do have more than other streaming services, or at the very least the same (not as much as pirating obviously but that's illegal, so you just shouldn't do it).