London riots have reached Sony...Revenge maybe?

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If you have paying attention to the riots in England they have gotten out of control. They have even reached a Sony distribution facility and set it on fire. While the riots are mainly due to outrage of a man being killed by English police, some say other reasons are the current state of the English economy and unemployment. WHile I agree with this maybe, some gamers thought it would be cool to get back at Sony for the PSN outage earlier this year. I don't condone t his but, I have a feeling one person threw a molotov at the building shouting "I want cross game chat you tosser."

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Sucks to be in there now. I hope the building is completly ruined, and that all humans (and animals) in there get out. Unless and high-level staff is there, that is.

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That's pretty harsh, there, Jevrio. People dying isn't fun, no matter the circumstance.

Regardless, I wouldn't be surprised if it was just collateral damage, or intentional, or whatever. The fact is, these riots are all sorts of fucked up and people might lose their jobs because of this and it shouldn't have happened in the first place. What a pity.