Wow, a lot has changed since the last time I logged on.

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Hey, I'm James. I was a member of the NextGenWalkthroughs forums before I started college, got busy, tonnes of homework, you get the picture. Anyway, I finally came back to discover I had to create a new account (under the same username I used for the old forums) since everything's been changed over to a completely new forum. Though

I plan on getting my hands on any decent capture device I can get my hands on for some playthroughs/commentaries if anyone has any good advice on that. Also I'll see what else I can do to contribute to this forum and WikiGameGuides in general.

It'll probably be a while though before I actually make some progress on making playthroughs/commentaries for WikiGameGuides, since media studies at college is fun, but involves a shitload of work. For the time being I'll just be hanging around the forums.


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Welcome...back!. I am also a previous member of NGW (shoogy), dont remember seeing you though.

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Welcome... or would it be welcome back? Oh what the hell! Welcome to the site!