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Hey guys, I've been on this site before, but just recently started to be a regular forum poster. I've had an odd history with Jon and Dan, never really watched a single guide except for a Rainbow Six: Vegas terrorist hunt video on YouTube back when they were NGW. I picked up the podcast at Ep. 1, and never looked back. I have every single episode on my iTouch (there is a lapse between Ep. 4 and 10), but you get the picture. I should probably start watching the drink-a-longs, since I enjoy their antics thoroughly.

Anyway I've rambled on long enough; I'm a 17 year old guy graduating highschool in two weeks if you care.


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Cool to see there is some older fans. I'm 19 done with 1 year of college and i've veen listening to the podcasts/website since last Spring. RIP NGW. I haven't contributed a guide so I try to contribute with blog posts and on the forums. I also started a blog, inspired by Baron and Explictd.