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Hey there folks. The name is Ernie, and I'm from Brockton, MA. I spend a lot of time playing video games, making music and programming. I have been a long-time viewer of this site well into the olden NGW days. Seeing the new-and-improved site is definitely nice, and I am currently working on a theme song to hopefully contribute to Dan & John for their podcasts. A small flash game is also in the works, as well as a few other minor projects.

I hope to get all these done when I can, and sent out for you guys to check out. On top of making that shit, I make my own beats off of samples from just about any new game that comes out, so once I upload those to my youtube channel and get it looking pretty, I will link you guys up.

Hope my future contributions work out. Cheers.

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Cool,love the idea of the flash game you mentioned. Welcome!

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Welcome to WGG!