Worst gamertag/PSN name you've seen.

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What is the worst gamertag/PSN name you've ever seen?

For me it's any generic name that has random capitalizations/1337 speak or overuses x, y or z.

E.G. OMG xM4giczz, I sUcK WanGzz, pRoQuiCksCopEz

Call of Duty is full of those and it annoys me.



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I Poop On Chests is the absolute worst I have seen. I mean, you can just tell these kind of people have no real friends.

"What's your gamertag?"
"I poop on chests"
"Yeah that's great I want to know your gamertag"

And anything with optic/headshots/beast in it.

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I really hate any name that just has patently no creativity at all and just subscribes to every bad internet fad possible. The one that comes to mind is ScOpEz 98. Guess what year he was born in? Dumb.

To be fair, though, my gt is pretty bad, but that was more by design.

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Imitation gamertags are pretty bad. They were a lot more common a couple of years ago, but you can still see plenty of "Optic -insert random word here". I don't know what mindset they have when the create their gamertag, but it's interesting to see Optic Bear get called out which is usually followed by a torrent of swears and memes to defend himself.

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sweatyballsack, im serious search it on PSN.

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Anything that has to do with No Scope , Killa, MLG, xxxxXXX, ooOO, CaPiTlAsTiOn that what i dislike.

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Anything with ZZzzzzzZZ, XxxxxxxXXxx, and names that cont4!n nUmb3rz n pUncTu4t10nS l1k3 t#!s.

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People who rip on popular gamertags/PSN's names (instead of the LEGITIMATE gamertag T2 is RIPPEN, they'll use something like T2 IS RIPPEN, or T2 is NOOB.)

And the people who have to put their clan name in their gamertag/PSN (i.e. MoB Ragnorok, EVIL R3m1X, etc.) Seriously, who would waste a solid 3-5 letters to put in their clan name when they can do that in games that support clan tags (Rainbow, CoD, Reach, Battlefield, Gears 3, etc.)

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hey, my username has beast in it. I really just hate when people put their DOB or a bunch of x's. I can't fault a guy for sweatyballsacks as it made me laugh. I think stupid stuff like that should be on the best gamertags list