Star Wars The Old Republic

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Not sure about you guys but im a big fan of the kotor series and was wondering if you guys were excited about bioware's new game coming out this spring

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To me it looks awful in every way possible. The game not only looks bad (the art style just doesn't fit and overall it just doesn't look good), the gameplay looks like every MMO released since WoW and the concept just seems ridiculous.

I mean, you take a great singleplayer franchise, which already had a story arc that last ended on a cliffhanger (KotOR 2, brilliant story), then make it an fully-voiced MMO? Fully-voiced just means they'll spend ridiculous amounts of money on voice acting that's mostly worthless (no one plays MMOs for story and even then it's just another fancier way to say "Go kill 10 space rats"). Then they retroactively rape the awesome setup KotOR 2 had for a sequel (Obsidian writes better than Bioware and always has, especially after the mess of plot holes that was ME2) with generic palpatine rip-off and invasion instead of the much more interesting true sith that were alluded to.

Even then, have you seen the gameplay videos? The framerate staggers, the effects feel cheap and they've taken the art style from that shitty new Star Wars TV show. Do you think anyone will want to play anything else than Jedi/Sith? Who the hell wants to be a soldier whose primary power is to throw grenades? Oh so every scoundrel gets their own wookie? How does that even make sense? Chewbacca stops being interesting if a hundred copies of him are running around. They've even added romance subplots... in an MMO?

In any case the thing is clearly going to fail. The SW franchise has never been this weak, almost to the point that attaching the name Star Wars to something might make it sell less. They've pumped an insane amount of money into it, with some employees mentioning how little faith they actually have in the project. But even if it made plenty of money, it's trying to compete with WoW, which has 7 years of content behind it and 3 expansions with millions of players. There is no way TOR can compete with that by using the same approach (especially if they want to use subscriptions). This has happenened before - a new WoW-like MMO starts up, gets popular for a while and then slowly dies or loses everything with a new WoW expansion.

The only hope this game has is that Bioware's army of fanboys, (who are honestly the weirdest fanboys I've seen, just read their forums) plays it and doesn't get bored.

... I think you can tell I'm not much of Bioware fan anymore.