Rumor: Sony Developing Unhackable PS3?

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Seems silly of Sony to make a new version of the PS3 that specifically target pirates. If anything, this will encourage the pirates to hack the alleged "unhackable" PS3 even quicker.

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I say they use thermite (self destruct) for hack-proof,sure there are some problems but sounds good. Anyway,that would be great to have a price drop..i've been wanting one for a while now.

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If there is one company in the world that can make an unhackable console it's Sony..

It took over three years for the PS3 to be hacked while every other system got hacked within a couple months. If Sony rly wants to make one, they can..

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They said the 3DS was hack-proof too, and there it is, hacked even before it launched.

As long as aliens don't start making the game consoles, the human mind can't possibly make a system that another human mind cannot crack. That's just how it is.

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I've been in the hacking scene for awhile now. 

Sony can patch exploits and ban people, but at the end of the day, like the post above me says, if one mind can make this software protection, another mind can s easily destroy it.

Take Black ops for example. A week after launch, there were GPD mods. Treyarch did patch it, but they said it was unhackable. Its not.

Another example is the PSP Go. It took a year to hack, but I'm glad to say my go has a little something called 6.20 TN-C HEN.


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As people have said before, there is no such thing as an 'unhackable' computer system. I mean how would people have broken into the CIA and NASA databases if there was?

You can make a system that is incredibly difficult to hack (the PS3 required a lot of time, effort and research to be successfully hacked thanks to the redundant core in the Cell Processor), which deters piracy somewhat, but the truly hardcore will always find a way to circumvent the security you've put in place.

I don't think Sony will suffer as badly as they claim they will, since they're still amassing support from developers who have made games exclusively on rival platforms and they are still selling a lot of games for their system (not including the PSP outside of Japan, but that is for entirely different reasons), plus the likes of Nintendo and Microsoft are still doing really well, despite piracy on their systems being even more rampant than the PS3.

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it is actually somewhat impossibe to prevent full non hacking . People make mistakes and those code mistakes are explioted like hell. 

i remember reading an article when the ps3 was released and a guy bought one and hacked it by the time he got to the car with his phone.

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It's the same thing as Apple was doing before.

Putting such an emphasise on countering the hacking and making it such a big deal that your bound to get hacked.