RPG madness

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I hate myself when I play RPGs because I always make dozens of characters because I am not satisfied with it and totally ruin the experience.  Although i always come back for more =) Examples are Dragon Age and Oblivion.   Has this happened to you? Any advice?

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Reminds me of the Sims. I also create and never play because I am never happy with my person. Also, I do that with Pokemon. Not lately though with those third person RPGs have I changed my character.

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Don't ever take your first playthrough as a definitive one. Also, try going in with a plan, it helps a lot. It might not be something you've got first time around, but if you go a second time have a think about what you want to become down the line, such as the warrior who can fuck shit up wherever you go, or if you want to be well-rounded and experience everything in little bits, or having a team which is okay as a team, but your main dude is the one who is completely unstoppable (that has been every Pokemon game for me to date).

Example: Fallout 3, or New Vegas, depending on which flavour you prefer. First time through, you don't know what's happening, what to put points into, where to go, etc. Second time around, you'll know certain key ideas, such as never ever put points into Melee Weapons, Big Guns, Explosives and the other shitty ones,  to spec as much towards VATS usage as possible, and that you can rush straight for Rivet City, which can be damn useful any time.

Don't completely give up your character-sacrificing ways entirely, though, because that's how you figure out what the cool stuff is. Remember: having fun does not mean you have to be awesome all the time.