Playstation Network Press Conference

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Sony had a press conference regarding the PSN outage yesterday in Japan. They addressed some things and some of the PSN features will be back up this week. I've been a few posts and surverys saying around 20% of PSN users are proabably done with Playstation and moving over to the Xbox. What about you guys? I'm sticking with the PS3 because I prefer it over the Xbox and I'm not going to buy a new system. Sony is also providing some compensation for this PSN outage like a month free of PS Plus and more stuff in the following weeks. Check out the press conference here and the PS blog post about the conference.

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I'm totally sticking to the PS3. (: and either way, I doubt those surveys are accurate. Who would buy a new console system or PC when they already spent money on the PS3, including all the games they bought for the console.

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i'm staying with it because to me this is a one and done kind of a thing like someone else is going to hack psn after this.