New Rig Has Arrived (2 weeks ago)

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2 weeks ago, my notebook's fan gave out. Literally. Spun off the bearings, so it started overheating on boot. I managed to fix it but express-ordered a G73SW-A1 as a replacement (normally $1800, but $15XX after rebate, with $4 ONE-DAY shipping from Amazon thanks to Amazon Prime Student.)

Quad Core i7 2630M (2.00GHz)
GeForce 460M 1.5GB w/ CUDA
2x Dual Hybrid HDD (4GB SSD Buffer, 500GB HDD base each)
Screen: 17.3" 1920x1080 native
Keyboard: Backlit, chiclet style low-rise keyboard (keys are about 3mm tall). Space Bar is labeled with a person jumping. Nice touch.
On-the-fly Performance adjustment to cap processor speed.

New rig is awesome.

A bit bigger and heftier than my old one, but sleek and stealthy-like. Runs really quiet. My mother's HP 15" is louder than mine when I'm playing COD at 90FPS. Stays at a cool 62-65C running most performance, <50 on low usage.

Since I've never been a max-res gamer I play everything at what I record at, in this case 720P.

Black Ops 70-90 FPS at x720
Splinter Cell: Conviction 40 FPS at x720 (my old rig could only play at like 7##x576 at 24 FPS)
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 60 FPS at x720
Allods Online 30FPS 24-man raid, 90 FPS PVE

My latest videos on YouTube ( for Splinter Cell and NFS show what it's like to have extra frames when recording. Much better response time, IMO.
Life is good.