New Rig

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It's that time of year again.


I usually use a portable workhorse rig.


My latest choices are:


In case itw asn't apparent, I'm looking for high-end portability with enough processing power to crank out videos in what is now considered standard HD. All of these system should be able to record at 720p with no issues at all.

The HP, obviously, has customization so that it has a slightly better processor and GPU than the Asus G73 series, but the G73 has dual hybrid SSD drives which record to a 4gb SSD buffer before recording directly to the hard drive, and apparently the G73 runs quiet compared to the HP Dv7 series, which from experience, sounds like a computer chewing up a piece of paper.


I'm actually leaning towards Asus. I've heard very few bad things about them, and the G73 looks like one of the best things ever.

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Oh the day's when a laptop is better than my desktop....

I'd go with the ASUS, I've used them for everything since I started building computers and so far I haven't been able to go wrong with something that had ASUS stamped on the chinese made box.