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If someone were to give a negative review to a critically acclaimed game, with valid reasons to back up their opinion, would it still make you angry?

My friend played Dead Island, so I asked her opinion of it before I go out and spend money on the game. She basically wrote me a review. A very well written, well thought out review. I suggested she post it on here, but she said she's afraid people will hate her for writing a negative review of a game that most other people seemed to love.

I just want to show her that that wouldn't happen. :)

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If you say bad things about anything people will be there to disagree, same with saying a good thing.

I say post it, I love reading bad reviews vs good reviews. I personally never let reviews affect the game I'm buying, unless it's blatantly bad, since people like different things when it comes to these "high-end" games.

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That's all part of the fun of it. I've played games that are well reviewed and I thought were rubbish, and I've played games that reviewed poorly and I loved. In the end, opinion is opinion, and reviews are there so that you can know what to expect when you go into the game and thus get your own opinion. I would actually like a decent review for Dead Island, because I'm right on the fence about it.

So yes, encourage your friend to post a review. Haters gonna hate, but they ain't knowin'.

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I'll keep trying. :) This was her Dead Island review. It wasn't meant to be professional or anyhing, so there may be questionable language. Hopefully she doesn't hate me for linking to it.