Microsoft feels bad for Sony.

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Apparently microsoft does not take any joy in Sony's Playstaion Network outage. They are actually expecting an increase in their traffic due to the outage.!5795174/xbox-live-reacts-to-playstation-network-outage

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Since Sony has no idea when the PSN will be back up (as stated by another pointless update today where they gave us no real information), Microsoft can probably expect an increase in traffic for a while. :)

I like Sony, but it seems like when they have a problem, they either really have no idea what's going on, or they're very secretive about it. Like last year when a bunch of PS3s had issues because the internal clock thought it was a leap year. I wondered then if they really thought everything would go back to normal the next day, or if they were just sitting there with their fingers crossed.

And I'll admit, I'm a little bitter because I was in the middle of trying to co-op a game with someone. I do not own a 360...And the Wii is useless online. So my online gaming needs are not being met and I'm understanding a bit more why there's an angry mob attacking the posts on the Playstation Blog. (Although I still don't understand why regular PSN users who do not own games that require a subscription are insisting that Sony has to give them something to make up for this. They're not losing any money.)