LoL players may want to know this

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Browsing Reddit today I found an interesting link:

I installed LoL a few months back to try it out, but have since removed it. What's interesting to me is that I have experienced a lot of slow internet speeds, mostly late at night, even though I have a connection of 18/2 Mbps.

So I removed Pando Media Booster (which, it turns out, I did not even known was on my PC). I guess it remains to be seen if it had any effect.

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Peer to peer again? I hate this garbage, it doesn't work with t0rrents and it doesn't work with games. That explains why my LoL download was only 400KB/s instead of 2MB/s... Blizzard had this for SC2 download, and disabling it made everything so so so much better. Maybe that also explains why my internet has been stupidly slow since I downloaded LoL. Great.