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So I would like to know your opinion on knives in video games. Before CoD, they were usually limited to a weapon slot, meaning you had to actually select the knife so you could use it, making your other weapons useless for the time you had your knife pulled. But now they're just a press of a button away, you are always ready to stab someone in the face, going as far as even to lunge at him. So I shall express my opinion on the two styles, and I ask you to do the same in this thread.

The "old" style of knife warfare: I must say that I prefer this style, it was a lot harder to get a knife kill in games that use(d) this style (battlefield 1942 to 2142, CS series etc.) Usually a knife would either be pulled as a last resort, when you got the jump on the enemy, or when you were really stupid/confident and felt like charging towards the enemies with the knife pulled (usually ends in death). Also, a knife wasn't a one-hit kill and you didn't lunge at the enemy.

The CoD style: I kind of despise this style of knife warfare, as it makes getting kills with the knife easy, even cheap. My reasoning behind this is that the only thing you have to do is to press a button when you're close to the enemy, this usually results in your character locking onto the enemy combatant, and stabbing him to death. This makes twitch-knifing so easy, it takes no real skill, all you have to do is keep a finger on the knife button. In CoD, it's really really cheap in my opinion, as you have no real chance of countering the person lunging towards you with a knife. It is done better in BC2, as you don't lock onto the enemy, it takes longer, and there is actually a chance of killing the knifer before he reaches you. I still dislike this style.

So, your opinion on this matter is?

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The one-knife kill is a game element added in order to streamline gameplay. It's the same thing as picking up ammunition simply by running over it, never losing any bullets by reloading halfway through a clip, and of course, regenerating health. It's additions to make the gameplay faster and smoother, and of course, it's not realistic at all.

Just imagine how boring or frustrating a game would be if you needed to store away your rifle or possibly toss it away every time you needed to use your knife on a sitiuation under pressure, or stop your mission to scavange dead bodies for ammunition to manually reload your clips back to full capacity. Not to mention people usually don't die from a single knife stab either. Imagine if you had to stop every time you were shot to perform first aid.

It's elements like these that were added to make gameplay more dynamic. Sure, they're not on the realistic approach, but they're certainly not bad additions in my opinion.

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In resident evil 5 the knife was underpowered. Seems to be one of the only games that does that.

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I like the bc2 way to knife better because its alot harder to knife an enemy making it feel way more badass when you do especially how you get there dog tags afterword.

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I would personally prefer knives if you could use them as counter attack in close quarters combat.Not in the pathetic slow motion looking like moves,but in quick kills when approached by an enemy.Of course this would be absolutely a disaster in multiplayer.Because that way nobody would be able to get a close quarters kill because everybody would be constantly countering.So taking this in consideration it looks like that i prefer the knife in battlefield style.CoD style is basically unrealistic if you just notice that he knifes in just 2 seconds.What about the rifle?Where did he pull the knife from?It seems like battlefield has created a more complete animation,even though it is slower it is more realistic for sure.All in all i defenetly believe the battlefield knifing is better,and maybe a longer animation would be better.

Nice topic by the way.

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Knives in CoD are always unrealistic. They cater to rushers and not on who can react the fastest. In MW2, all you needed was the Marathon-Lightweight-Commando combo and a pistol with a tac knife. Unbalanced...


Battlefield, on the other hand, you have to plan out your knife, as you could be doing it while you're being shot and you'll be in the animation of knifing someone and you'll die. Plus, the animation for sheathing your knife and then stabbing another person is much more astute than what the disaster that Call of Duty will become.

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I always hated the fact that the new knife kills are so fast.

It would be more realistic if the player would bash the Enemies head with his gun, but in the CoDs you basically have the knife in your hand in no time. Kinda unrealistic. Though I hated the BF System where you needed about a million hits with the Knife....Ramming it in the enemies chest ist an Instantkill. You don't try to shave the enemy by slicing, you stab!

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The only game "cough, cough" Resident Evil 4 its underpowered as well as the Gaming mother to knifers Counter!

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I like one hit knife kills like cod. the problem is that shooting a rushing kamikaze doesn't stop him from killing you unless you kill him. I think bullets should disorient the rusher to prevent him from commandoing you.

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Now that I've tried some Bad Company 2 I've to say, that the Knifing is pretty great.

It's not as easy as in Blops (you have to be more precise) AND you get a Dogtag to sweeten the whole thing :) Although I'd still prefer a classic hit in the face with the rifle-butt :)