High hopes for that Special Game series?

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Lately i've been hit by a Nostalgia Train after seeing a few Timesplitters Videos on youtube, and after remembering how Awesomely good the Multiplayer was with all the fun elements of being able to play a Ninja monkey wielding a freaking chaingun like it was a banana. But Since the Studio Free Radical Designs were bought by Crytek, i started to Fear that they would stray away from what made the 3 first games so Good and instead go for the ''COD'' Formula of unlocking things.

And Sure the Formula works...however sometimes it don't, as seen with the Remake of Goldeneye where they used the same Formula...and it just killed the Fun of the game by having to Unlock the Mines, instead of being based on whos fastest to reach the mines, it turned into a Higher lvl Got cooler gadget than lower lvls kinda game.

Since the Timespiltters series were made by some of the guys who worked on Goldeneye 64 i really hope they stay the hell away from what is seen as todays FPS standard Formula.

Screw Reality! I wanna play as a Ninja Chaingun wielding Monkey without having to dust my Ps2 off again!  So what games do you have high hopes for? Hopes of a Glorious HD remake or just hoping it will live up to it's legacy?