Games for Windows (but not live?)

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This sucks. Many games have "Games for Windows" on it (blue). Atleast I believed that it would work with my XBL account. Nah. Why the fuck write "Games for Windows" on it!? I have other games that only have "PC" on them.. they're the same shit and "GFW" games..

On Fallout 3 however (and prob. others) there's "Games for Windows LIVE" those will be added to your XBL account. But why have those "GFW" games, even when NOT live? Because it may sound a bit "cooler" than just "PC"? No, I'm everything but an achievement whore (no offence to the dudes that is), but the fact that they have two "types" of GFW(L) games pisses me off.

Is it that Xbox 360 controller works on the games? If that's it: Why not add live access too!?

Whoever made it this way: FUCK YOU.