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I'm going to be attending a game night in July hosted by one of my co-workers and we were trying to come up with good ideas of games to play for a wide ranging group of people. Since we didn't really get anywhere, I thought I'd see what the community had for ideas. Please let me know what you think would be a good social game for a group of about 10 people.


Things that might help when considering your suggestion, in no particular order:

  • Group will be about 8 - 12 people, roughly, mix of men and women.
  • Skill levels range from hardcore gamer level to "I've seen this thing called a Video Game" level.
  • Available hardware are Xbox 360's (2 or 3) with the option of having a Kinect and a Wii system (maybe 2). As of right now, don't think we have access to a PS3 but that could change.
  • Plenty of space around the TVs (which are of good size as well 42" - 60").
  • Would like games which are fun to watch as well as play.
  • Would like the games to be quick so that people playing/watching get rotated at a good pace.


That is all I can think of right now, but if you need more data just say so. Thanks.

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You probably want to stick to regulars that people know well. For instance:

  • Shooter (MW, Halo, etc.)
  • Racing Game (Mario Kart, Forza maybe, although something arcadey is usually a crowd-pleaser)
  • Fighting (maybe MK, or Super Smash Bros, that's easier for the not-so-gamey people)

Just some thoughts.