Free Gears of War 3 Beta Keys

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My screen shot of my free beta -

Not sure if this has been posted anywhere, but if you register on Gamestop's Ireland website ( they will send you a beta key for Gears of War 3. Just click the banner on the top and register!

It is while supplies last so hopefully they still have more.

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If all goes well they will eventually email the code to you (usually within a few days it seems). Someone also mentioned that s/he didn't put Ireland as the country and still got emailed a code. You can redeem them now, but it only downloads a small file that says "Coming Soon."

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Gamestop Ireland just tweeted that they still have codes left, but some comments hinted that they'll only give them to Irish residents. I recommend changing your Gamestop address to somewhere in Ireland if you're still interested, for example I live in Trinity College Library.