Final Fantasy XIII-2 looks... amazing?

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Yes I know there's the E3 discussion thread, but I want to talk about a specific game.


Am I the only one that's actually looking forward to XIII-2?

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I didn't play the first FFXIII game (which is weird to say), but I heard that the major flaws came with the pacing and in parts the story, and that the actual gameplay was actually really good. If they fix up the flawed bits, while improving the good parts, then I'll look forward to it. As of now, I haven't heard enough to make me super excited.

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I'll just spoil the details right now to spare you from finding the information yourself.


  • The game world (from the people who played the E3 demo) have said that the game is much more open than XIII-1.
  • Lightning, the main protagonist in XIII-1, is missing and her sister Serah is trying to find her in hopes to bring her home safely, though you get to play as Lightning at some point.
  • You can toggle the Auto-Battle on or off in the menu (if you toggle AB off, it removes AB from the battle list, replacing it instead with Abilities, Items, and possibly Summon.)
  • The story is much darker than X-2's silly Charle's Angels esque mood.
  • You will encounter some old worlds from the first game with significant changes, along with old characters. 
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I don't really get why Square-Enix thought that QTE's/Context sensitive sequences would really fit into an RPG. I can understand multiple stage boss fights or where the stage is moving, but it feels like they were going for more of an Action RPG feel rather than a turn-based one.

This also kinda reeks of a cash-in like X-2 was, considering FF14 has been a financial blackhole for the best part of half a year, how they plan to make any money off of that failure of an MMO I have no idea.