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Ok, now whether anyone is aware of it or not, there's been some fisticuffs between EA and VALVe over EA's games being distributed over Steam. Apparently it's an issue with the way the DLC for these games is being    distributed, and how Steam's Terms of Service agreement only allows DLC and patches to run through Steam itself instead of client-side, and that there's some sort of exclusivity agreement that probably includes Origin, EA's new online store, but not Steam. For reasons like this, apparently, Valve has pulled down Dragon Age II and Crysis 2, and won't be sticking up Battlefield 3. EA is kicking up all sorts of fuss, while VALVe is completely silent about it. This is what I've been able to get out of it from my (relatively light) research.

I'm putting this topic out here because I'm fucking confused, and would appreciate a good explanation and justification. I get where EA is coming from to some extent, but it wouldn't be that difficult to make a few tweaks to the Steam version of their game to get it through, would it? Also, what do other people think? Who's the devil here, EA or VALVe?

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Valve is a game company who happens to run a very good game client, Steam. I don't think they have anything to do with this, it's just EA not wanting to cooperate with the Steam medium and being the stupid but billionaire publishing giant they are.

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i Think EA is the Devil here since their moving in on Valves Turf all of a sudden, trying to get a bite of the cake.

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Remove every EA game from Steam for all I care. Would've made Steam a better place to be. I'm so pissed at EA that I never buy their games anymore anyway. (BF3 might be an exeption, depends on the beta)

Almost considering NOT to buy it, just because of EA. But we'll see.

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Battlefield 3 will eventually be on Steam but, not right away. I think EA want's to make more of a percentage on each game by selling it on other digital distribution websites and their own EA.com. Steam sells much more than any other site but, probably takes a bigger percentage. EA is being stupid since Steam will greatly increase their sales and revenue helping out EA and Valve everyone wins but, EA is a big company, big companies are dumb and ignorant.