Diablo 3 Requires Internet to Play

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Are you kidding me Blizzard? Are you SERIOUS?! I have to be online AT ALL TIMES to play Diablo 3? We waited 10 years for this?!

This isn't the Diablo style of game anymore, this is just another MMO. Blizzards excuse for this DRM is "it authenticates all files and items blah blah blah." Cmon now, I can handle having to be online to activate a game, but why not give us the option to have "Offline mode" and remove LAN (like you did with Starcraft 2) and let us play through on our own, then force us to sign in if we want to play with other people.

Blizzard is becoming useless. It sucks, they were one of my favorite game companies. Oh well, I guess I'm buying Diablo 3 in a couple of years when it's less than $60.

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Damn you activision, you're corrupting blizzard. 

But it would be nice to have offline mode though. I just don't see the use of it. Did they give any "real justification" besides the obvious 'we want our money'. 

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"used to authenticate all accounts and items and all profiles are backed up on Blizzards servers so you don't have to play every 90 days" blah blah blah. This game is basically an MMO now, and I wouldn't care about always-on internet if it was 100% reliable 24/7 and never went down for anything, but strangely humans can put a man on the moon but not make decent country-wide internet (not saying the government should have ANYTHING to do with the internet but that's a different story).

I hardly even played Diablo 2 with people just because I'm a loner like that. Having to rely on the internet... Urgh. I'll probably get it when it's $20 in 3-5 years, hell I'll be dead before another Blizzard game comes out anyhow. Or having an actual job, which is basically the same thing... Aasdghasdf.


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"Damn you activision, you're corrupting blizzard."

That's exactly what they want you to think! Shove all of the blame on Activision and Blizzard will get away with shit like this because apparantly Activision is pulling all the strings and Blizzard is the poor innocent underling.

Get real, Blizzard have been doing a lot of shit these past few years, this is just the latest in a string of actions that will no doubt divide the fanbase. You really think that Activision is the cause behind SC2 not having LAN play or WoW having exclusive $25 mounts and pets available on the blizzard store? No, Blizzard made these decisions internally without influence from Activision or anyone else, because either people were willing to pay for them or Blizzard wanted to promote usage of Battle.Net 2.0 as much as possible.

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The no LAN thing has never really bothered me, that seems like a very solid way of getting rid of pirates. The tournament versions of the game have LAN, but for me, I'm always connected to the internet if I want to play online.

I'm mad (and I'm guessing many others are) because we can't chose to be loners. I for one never had that much issue with DRM unless it makes me stay online ALL THE TIME. At this point we spend $60 to rent an account...

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actually there is more than the constant online play....(sry if it has already been posted)


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That was included in my first post, and the no mods (never used mods) and paying real life money (I'd never buy that anyway) isn't half as annoying as always on internet.

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Hmm atleast SC 2 still got offline mode even tho you still need a battlenet to log in.

Now Playing a game like Diablo alone is either to challenge yourself or because you don't have internet (Soloing Diablo alone in D2....Aint fun if you don't know what your doing).

But i still think boycuting the game( Like most people say they will after they hear of the ''good-bad'' news from blizz) is kinda.....Stupid in my opinon. People raging over Blizz removing skill points? Gave a valid reason why....Skill stacking.

However i don't really get why they would force players to be online Just so they can use a Function( AH ) Witch they could ignore completly and still play the game without any problems, and i don't really recall them giving any answer to why?