Dead Island, anyone?

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Super excited for Dead Island. Anyone else feel the same? They say it will be released this year...with my luck it will be on December 31st -_-

Whenever I ask anyone this question I get a lot of "I hope it's not like Dead Rising"....

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I hope the fast Zombies aren't that omnipresent as in Left 4 Dead.

I'm a huge Zombiefan but I'm also kind of a fanatic concerning Zombielore.

For me Zombies are slow.

Nevertheless I've got a huge boner for Dead Island and I sure hope it's not just a high quality Trailer for a stupid game.

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The proposed game has the potential to be great. My hope is that it can actually instill some fear in me when I play it; something most other zombie games have not done.

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It LOOKS great, I hope the gameplay is good too. The story looks primising too to be honest, not that the trailer said too much.