Bullestorm very hard difficulty

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Just wanted to say that the achievment Blood Symphony in Bulletstorm is preety easy.Nothing too difficult but nothing too easy.Basically preety simple for a player that has played a challenging FPS game before.As a game Bulletstorm is great,and it will defenetly challenge your creativity:P.So far i haven't spotted any glitches and hopefully i won't spot any.Still trying to complete all the 131 skillshots required for the Golden Idol achievment which is preety damn challenging because some skillshots don't have a description...

I don't know if you have played Bulletstorm yet but if you have what are your opinions about the game?

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I love this game, it's a bunch of fun. It's really satisfying using the weapons in weird ways, and then getting a reward for, especially if you're doing something just for the hell of it. Some of them really get you to think about how they are done, although some make you think "How the hell does that work?" It's really funny in a pretty immature way, but it never varies form that so it does well with what it has. I'd definitely recommend it.

The only problem is that it seems really short. I've rented it for a week, and am on day 4 now, and I've finished the campaign and every echo, and am most of the way through on Very Hard. I'll probably finish it, and try multiplayer, but I reckon I'll be done with it before my time is up. To be fair, I have been stuck at home recovering from surgery, so I've had more time than most.

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i had one minor glitch where Ishi was walking in mid-air and i couldn't progress further into the game so i had to restart the chapter/act.


but i definetly agree with you. a unique game and a great one as well!

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I was skeptical about the game at first, thinking it was another FPS trying to be another FPS. I felt like it would be the same as any other shooter out there. But in this, it's so unique. You are rewarded with points to spend on ammo, guns, Chargeshots, etc. for killing enemies in bizarre ways besides shooting them to death. It's so fun and unique, but is it worth buying? No. It may be a completely different shooter, but if it had an incredible story and an ACTUAL multiplayer, I'd buy this without hesitation.

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i played it on hard only a few chellenging parts and only 7 deaths wish i'd played it on very hard difficulty cant be bothered going back