Portal 2 Authoring Tools Beta

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I'd have to say this is freaking fun. You get to make your own test chambers for crying out loud! There's some pretty creative things you can do. For example, in one test I made there's a hallway lined with turrets. So you have to portal up to a control room and press a nice little buttonto slam crushers onto the turrets and make it safe to pass. And that's only the first room. Overall the points are, if you can think it, you can build it, and I highy reccomend this to everybody. On the downside you can't play your own because you built it, and know the answer. The only guy I actualy know (I'm not talking about the forums or Steam here) who likes Portal 2 is a guy named Dallas. Everyone else I know refuses to try it because "It's rated E10!". Idiots