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I decided to do 2 quick reviews on 2 games, one I used to own and the other I currently play, so let's get started.


Modern Warfare 2 - I feel like and was a huge arsehole for being lured by Activision's promotions for this game, though buying the game at first seemed good until I noticed a lot of things that needed more explaining. Anyway, the plot wasn't that great, which was disappointing since most of the vital information ended up as backstory which was bullshit and the campaign was short, even throwing myself into the game on Verteran difficulty I was able to complete it on the Saturday I bought it on. "Spec Ops Mode" was the only thing that kept things for Modern Warfare 2 going for a little while longer, even though I wasn't able to complete it due to college and being out a lot, it was still fun. This is just based on what I thought of Modern Warfare 2 with it's offline features, because I don't think that it's shitacular and easy multiplayer deserves to be mentioned since it was that horribly constructed. I swear the online multiplayer is some sort of failed experiment created by Infinity Ward who thought it was a great until that update and it's fucking "community" came to play the thing.

Conclusion: Thank FUCK I got rid of that thing in the end, because Black Ops is easily more balanced and fun compared to Modern Shitfest 2. (I mean seriously, the "Stopping Power" Perk? What a fucking joke.)


Mass Effect 2 - After being wowed by the first Mass Effect, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel. As I did with Modern Cesspit 2, I played ME2 on the "Insanity" Difficulty straight off the bat and wow; it took me a while to do as much as I can to level up enough for my liking. The story is pretty good which in my opinion is becoming somewhat of a trademark for BioWare, interactive aspects of the game were fun, the worlds are really pretty and the gameplay is quite smooth. The quests were fun to do, but it felt like that there were so few side quests in ME2, I guess I should get the DLC to fix that. Anyhow some parts of the campaign were challenging in both fun and slightly annoying ways, though I hardly recall dying over and over again during the quests I did. The only thing that bugs me is that the AI in ME2 has sort of gone a tad bit too far downhill, the first Mass Effect had good friendly AI that actually assisted you, but in ME2 apparently a lot of the friendly AIs that side by you during quests will have a suicidal urge quite often, this forces me to waste a few Medi-Gel packs on my squadmates just so then they can die again on the spot.

Conclusion: Fucking epic, BioWare you did it again and I'm glad ME2 won Game of the Year 2010!


Not really too fussed about what comments will be made on these reviews, I wrote them up at half-past 1 in the morning anyway, lol.


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i liked your mass effect 2 review