HD PVR - RAW file is good, but not in Sony Vegas

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Today I played some hours of Dragon Age 2 on PS3. I never recorded any longer than 40min clips. Yet, when I imported to Sony Vegas 8 (since premiere is malfunction atm), the audio went out of sync (ALOT). Also, the video is in slow-motion.

I have experienced this before, but used to work as long as I kept the parts short (30-40min), after the last update (might be a new one now). Not it's been working for a very long time. But it have happened twice when I've played Dragon Age 2. When I re-record (playing in VLC and recording with fraps), the entire clip is perfect, exept maybe 3 seconds in the middle, when the framerate all of a sudden drops a bit for some reason (and video bitrate it looks like). But after some seconds, it's all back to normal.

EDIT: The problem only seems to be in Sony Vegas. But it's still a problem, cause Premiere don't work that well. If I take two clips close to eachother, they used to "jump" together. Now the clip I drag just slides over the other and ignore it.

Is this normal? I haven't had too much luck with google, and I've done alot of searching on this before.

I use the normal TotalMediaExtreme to record. Would love to use something else if something's better, but the only thing I've found costed money and didn't look too good.

I do have a capture card (composite), but then the quality would be worse (acceptable tho), and I have audio problems there too (not sync, but it sounds very bad, shouldn't be too hard to fix however..) But the major thing is the size. If I do not choose codec, witch I haven't since I want the best possible quality before Sony Vegas/Premiere does the encoding, the file is almost like fraps files.

Edit: The Premiere problem was solved by clicking the "snap"button. So now I can edit it all in Premiere.