Borderlands Glitch (General Knoxx) Need a Hand (PS3)

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So i finally decided to play through General Knoxx since the PsStore had a sale on all Borderlands stuff.  You can even get the GoTY edition for $20.

If you have the game, you are probably well aware of the armory glitch.  I was, but decided to avoid it since I knew it could prevent you from finishing the game.  Well, I was having trouble with the boss, so I hosted a public game, in the hopes that another person could help me out.

Someone did, and after the fight, I went back to buy some health at the vending machine before the fight, just in case there were more enemies before you go into the actual armory.  On my way back through the arena you fight Knoxx in-well, you can guess.

I am unable to complete the mission, and any time I try and enter someone else's game online, they are always just doing the glitch.  So if anyone would be kind enough to host a game and help me complete the mission THE LEGIT WAY, please add me.  iWINuFAIL

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I would help out, but I don't have a PS3 :(